“It’s strange how the simple things in life go on while we become more difficult.”
— Richard Brautigan

Original hand drawn art on journal notebooks


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A kitty in Nasturtiums

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My life is not flowing

And I feel torn and teased by my relationship…hope…then hope shattered…then trying to slowly heal and feel brave…then something occurs again…I love….just my heart is dancing while it’s been so hurt…as if dancing with wounds or not fully healed marks….

I feel so tired…and I don’t feel much of anything in my life…

I’m sad. 

Mushroom tie dye shirt I made B)

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Vodka, cranberry, strawberry lemonade…

The mushroom tie dye shirt came out cool, I like it.

Doing more tie dye…

Thai food for dinner…

Reading “A Language Older Than Words” by Derrick Jensen. Been enjoying it so much. It contains truth and enlightenment. 

Garage sale wasn’t that bad I guess

Still, hot…


sleeping beauty

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