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Feeling depressed this morning. Was last night too. Coffee and weed affect me, I know it…

Dustin’s dad was telling me about his reading upon on kombucha that with improper brewing, things like contamination can occur leading to the kombucha being poisonous and life threatening even. And so now I’m all worried. I’ve made it for a mother before many times and it was always fine. I am looking up more information on the internet. Still now it just makes me nervous to even brew kombucha at home. But things can be poisonous and life threatening in general…Dustin was trying to reassure me but was also saying don’t do it then. I’m thinking back to the stainless steel spoon I used to stir the tea and sugar and didn’t realize it had some kind of remnants on it. But how bad can it be. But in general I’m just nervous now. I wanted to have a project sort of, I do enjoy making it and everything. I don’t want to hurt or devastate anyones health of course. I guess I have to be the guinea pig and try it first. Kombucha tea has been going on forever, it’s ancient. I feel so weird right now though, just unsure of myself with all this. 

Still trying to get childcare work going, waiting…

I don’t feel all that great in general honestly. 

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unlike much life, an orchid is one example of a flower which cannot seek out mates to reproduce, thus it lures pollinators like bees, hummingbirds, bats, and butterflies to do the work. it attracts a bee with its irresistible scent. the bee crawls into the hood of the flower. it falls into the bucket of sticky liquid nectar. it must go out through the only opening left, where the orchid then squeezes the bee and drops two pieces of glue-like pollen, sticking it to its back. It waits for up to an hour until it has dried and then it lets the bee go. the bee then carries on the orchid’s legacy.

-written in my own words, what i learned while watching a flower documentary tonight. 

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Beyond the Cold | Darlisa Black

A humming bird drinking from the mouth of a person in Wyoming during an extreme drought in 2012

Interviewing soon for a Mon-Friday 745-10/1030am job helping kids get ready in the morning and off to school. Bottled some kombucha today. Went to an embroidery workshop tonight. Survived the dentist, though no fun at all. Finally finished watching the 4400 show on Netflix. Wish I knew what Tom Baldwin’s ability was gonna be. This temporary crown sucks, and apparently two weeks until I go porcelain. I feel bloated right now. Tea and then bed soon. 

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Yesterday and last night and this morning were the nicest it’s been in a while it feels like. Now to bottle some kombucha before my dentist appointment, reek reek. 

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