Short version: I don’t understand anything why am I thrown into this world and then demanded to live under a seemingly intentionally clouded thousand plus layered system I had no say in? 
Long version: I feel like we are living in societal layers of things that have been defined, leveled and established to some code, standard, or way of doing and going about things that none of us would ever choose. Even ways of things that make us think we are keeping peaceful and nice but really we’re just preventing critical thinking from happening. We smile and agree with others when we don’t. We take offense to constructive criticism. We tell others to keep it to themselves rather than speak their mind. We say that’s just how the world is. We fall pacified to a screen at the end of our work day in an effort to escape our reality that we must work many hours and pay for so many things. We are not thinking enough about all the negative and unhelpful ways the world is being ran. And it’s the people in power with the money who get to make the big decisions. It is money existing which separates us, controls us, traps us, makes us fight, and robs us of our innocent being thrown into this world. We are told to strive so hard for success yet few really decide for themselves what that actually means. Why does having a lot of money mean you are successful? Why is simple, plain white eating and drinking vessels noted as high quality worth yet factories in China mass producing the same plain white vessels are getting absolutely no recognition at all? If a factory in China produces 20 white, plain, symmetrical bowls and a white American wealthy woman in her home studio does the same, she gets more attention and praise for her hard work. It’s these minute layers and interactions and kept order of things that keep occurring and there are few that really see it and question it and work to help make others aware and work on it. We are thrown into this world and so much is done and done nope already decided for us. I feel the only way to break away from so much of these predetermined layers is to get away from society, build your own reality, be in a community with people who are like-minded and share the same vision of a less harsh, separating, and pressuring world. I just feel like I was born, thrown into this world and then was demanded to live by someone else’s rules. I feel like there’s so much that at some point it gets so loud and fuzzy that it’s hard to know what I’m thinking or even saying anymore and reality gets difficult to understand.

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kevin russ

Erin Hanson - Moss creek. Oil on canvas, 48”x36” (2013)

Charles L’Eplattenier (Swiss, 1874-1946), Matin jurassien [Jura Morning], 1942. Oil on burlap, 81 x 100 cm.

magic hour at the coast, part one by manyfires on Flickr.


The Dryad by jerry8448

sacred lily pad underside

Flowers (by Little Océane)